Ski-touring at Mount Decoeli

The Haines Junction and the Kluane area offer spectacular mountain recreation opportunities, and we encourage all festival participants to take advantage of those during, before or after the festival by exploring this area.

There will be times set aside in the festival schedule for mountain recreation (Friday Nov 30 daytime; Sat Dec 1 AM, and Sun Dec 2 full day), and we encourage you to also come a few days before or stay longer after the festival. This magical area is worth exploring! Ideas for winter exploring include cross-country skiing, ski-touring, fat biking, lake skating, tobogganing, snow-shoeing, roadside photography, snowmobiling or taking a glacier flight. See details below . . . . . .

MOUNTAIN WORKSHOPS THROUGH CAFN may be happening in conjunction with this festival, please visit our Workshops page for  details. Workshops may include:

  • Group snowshoe or hike on Dezadeash Trail, with featured speaker Chic Scott in attendance.


Disclaimer: We encourage everyone who ventures into the winter environment to take appropriate safety precautions (training, gear, trip planning), and hire a guide if you are not confident in your experience and abilities in this environment. Some helpful links:

Yukon Highways Report:

Parks Canada (Kluane National Park and Reserve) winter activities:

Weather Report – Haines Junction:

Weather Station – Haines Pass (near Three Guardsmen):

Yukon Avalanche Association:

Haines Avalanche Centre (check for Chilkat Pass):

Claude Vallier, Yukon Backcountry Skiing:

James Minifie, Skookum Backcountry Adventures:

Yukon Hiking (hiking and ski trail information):


Spectacular Glacier Flights over Kluane National Park and Reserve and the icefields region can be booked in advance in the winter through:

Rocking Star Adventures (fixed-wing/airplane flights), contact them at:

Trans North Helicopters (helicopter flights), to icefields, ice cave, or other locations, contact them at:


Disclaimer: please take appropriate precautions for skating on any lake, these areas are not supervised or maintained, all activities are undertaken at own risk, and should be taken with this season’s weather history in mind – ice can pose a danger.

  • Some years a small area is cleared at Pine Lake in front of the beach/recreation area for ice skating or hockey.
  • Kathleen Lake in front of the parking area/picnic shelter. If small amount of snow on the lake has been cleared, it can be lovely for skating.


The Haines Junction area has variable snowpack in Nov-Dec, but areas that people may find good X-country ski conditions include:

  • ‘Large Loop’ at the Forestry Ski Trails, which are located approx 3km west of the Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway, trailhead is off the highway to the right, just inside the road to the Kluane Wildland Fire base.







  • Tomlin Hill in Haines Junction is a lovely place to toboggan with families, there is a small firepit, and picnic table