Declan O’Donovan

Join us for a special musical performance by Yukon’s own acclaimed songwriter, Declan O’Donovan.  Friday Dec 8, 2017 from 7-8pm at the St. Elias Convention Centre, Haines Junction.   This performance at the Mountain Festival is free to the public, due to the generous sponsorship of Junction Arts & Music.

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photo credit: Kieran O'Donovan

A masterful songwriter collects life’s experiences and artfully turns them into songs that capture the imagination of a listener.  Declan O’Donovan is that songwriter, that contemporary troubadour who utilizes a broad palate of voice and piano to tell intriguing stories through the music he creates.

At home in the rural environs of Whitehorse, Yukon and equally at home in the urban centers of Montreal and Toronto, this broad sense of place comes into play in the songs Declan has written for his newest release, Broken Sky.  “Overall, the sound of the album strikes a balance between the rural and roots, and the urban and contemporary influences that contributed to the sound and the songwriting,” says O’Donovan.

Produced by Jean Massicotte (Patrick Watson, Lhasa, Adam Cohen), Broken Sky, was recorded at Studio Masterkut in Montreal. “Jean gave my songs a landscape to live in and explore. He brought with him a sound and an approach that gave every note warmth and direction, and he gracefully coaxed out performances from everyone involved that at once made the songs both grounded and unrestrained.” Featured among the many outstanding musicians on Broken Sky are Brad Barr of The Barr Brothers on electric and acoustic guitars, as well as Joe Grass of the Patrick Watson band on pedal steel, electric and nylon-string guitars.

Declan is touring internationally in support of Broken Sky, with 2017 finding him performing in Germany, Japan, and all across Canada.

Praise for Declan O’Donovan’s latest album, ‘Broken Sky’:

“ I’ve found it difficult to tear myself away from this record since first hearing it …every song on the album is unforgettable.’

– Great Dark Wonder

“O’Donovan plucks at the nostalgia of our youth and caresses the nuances of maturity with songs that sound like they could have been B-side on Tea for the Tillerman.”

– Canadian Beats

“…weaving beautiful songs and melodies which herald a vast history of musical influences.”

– The AU Review