Films featured at the 2017 Haines Junction Mountain Festival will include the following (see Schedule for dates and times):


The Frozen Road

Another Horizon.  25min.

In early 2016 I cycled through Canada’s frozen north to the Arctic Sea, in doing so completing the second continent of my bicycle ride around the world. It was a journey dreamt up in the deserts of the Chilean Atacama a year earlier, but realising this dream was to be a far greater challenge than I had ever imagined. As I my latitude grew ever greater and the mercury fell below -30C, I discovered what it truly means to travel alone in this great emptiness.

The Frozen Road is the Spirit of Adventure Winner at the 5 Point Adventure Film Festival 2017, and an official selection for 2017 at the Adventure Film Festival, the Banff Mountain Film Festival, the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, and the DC Adventure Film Festival.

Riding the Tatshenshini 

MTB Expedition to Tatshenshini River.  43min.

Darren Berrecloth and fellow riders explored the untapped terrain near the Yukon’s Tatshenshini River, Canada. Rafting 260km with bikes in tow, they search for challenging lines by day and camping by night.

‘Bons Appetit – La Ruee Vers L’Or Blanc’ – Claude Vallier

A fun Yukon ski adventure featuring Whitehorse locales and characters, and skiing shenanigans in Haines Pass.

Journeys to Adaka

Sagafish Media.  60min.

Journeys to Adäka takes us into carving sheds, kitchens and community halls where artists and their families are reconnecting with their ancestors, healing, and moving personal mountains to each find their light.  The process is familiar – rehearsals, training, crafting – but the backdrop of distant northern communities and the intimate access serve up both difficult lessons and inspiration. Journeys to Adäka paints a moving portrait of self-empowered indigenous communities at an inflection point in our history. This documentary was produced in association with Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association.

Journeys to Adaka is a Mountain Culture Finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2017, and an Official Selection at the Yellowknife International Film Festival.

Glacier Flight over Kluane – Kluane Lake School

Sarina Primozic

and many more – stay tuned!